Training and service of Konica Minolta printers

Welcome to our professional printer service and repair website. We offer a range of services and solutions to your printing needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with high-quality services that will keep your printer running smoothly for years. Let us help you stay productive and streamline your printing process.

Services We Offer

Printer Repair

We offer comprehensive printer repair services for any issue, from spotty connections to full hardware replacements.

Maintenance Packages

Our maintenance packages help ensure your printer is regularly serviced and help avoid future repairs................

Selling toner and original parts

Selling all toners 620, 622, 627,... original drums of all Konica Minolta machines and consumable parts .............

Calibrate and build profiles

Calibrating the device of all Konica models with the rip controller of the company and the fairies avail

Maintenance Tips

konica service dirty1400

Clean Your Printer Regularly

Regular cleaning of the printer is essential to ensure it continues to operate at peak performance. From a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the printer gently, and from alcohol and dry sprays that are not dangerous for boards and rubbers.

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Changing the tank and developer

Changing the tank and developer Your printer will lose its properties after the specified period of developer tank of each color and it must be replaced depending on the type of device.

konica service jam paper
paper jam

Load Paper Correctly

Improper paper loading is a common cause of paper jams. Ensure your printer is loaded with the correct type of paper and store it in the appropriate environment to prevent humidity and other environmental factors.

Common Printer Problems

Paper Jams

Worn feed rollers can cause paper to feed unevenly or not at all. Paper feed problems are one of the most common causes of paper jams. More clutches that lose their magnetism over time. Software settings to adjust fusing wind and wind and suction in the PF part if needed

Connection Issues

Connection problems between the printer and the computer can prevent proper printing. These problems are often caused by incompatible cables or incorrect settings. This happens mostly in 4065 and above devices where the controller part is outside the device.

Low Quality Prints

Most of what happens in Konica Minolta devices in terms of quality. The dirtying of the corona charger, which depends on the work, should be arranged every week. Next are the drums that the substrate in the 1060-2060-3070 series occurs due to low humidity. Fixing these problems and performing proper maintenance can improve print quality.

Hardware Damage

Improper fixing can damage the device's IDU or cause the paper path and transfer belt to stick when printing the label. Heavy use and normal wear and tear can cause parts to fail or break completely. Our team can diagnose and repair all kinds of hardware problems.