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  • Konica Minolta 4070 - 4065 pros and cons review

    4065-konica service
    Model 4065 is the latest industrial series.

    AccurioPrint C4065

    The Konica Minolta 4065 machine, which has been in the printing market for more than a year, and its sales were high, has advantages and disadvantages compared to the previous series, compared to the 3070 and 2060 models. let's get acquainted. Of course, the 4065 series printer has a defined DPA of 2400. which has not yet been defined in terms of software.

    Attributes :

    • Simultaneous harvest up to 70 cm long
    • Print width 32 cm and maximum paper width 33 cm
    • Toner model 620, weight 1 kg
    • Four colors (cyan - magenta - black - yellow) 1200 dpi
    • The maximum printing speed is 65 pages per minute, material 80 gsm
    • The highest printing weight is 350-400 gsm
    • Possibility to install all applications (PF, IQ, FS, RU, ADF, ...)
    • Full color scanner with 600 DPI resolution and saving all formats

    Advantages of Konica 4065 printer compared to 3070

    • Optimization of clutches (CL) compared to the previous series
    • Optimization of clutches compared to the previous series
    • Improvement of ADU mechanical system
    • Optimizing the drum unit and the full operation of 4000 sheets
    • Easier to clean the corona charger

    Disadvantages of this device :

    belt 4065
    4060 lines after 300 thousand prints.
    • After 300,000 prints, many lines appear on the transfer belt, which has to be replaced.
    • device controller (rip)
    • The need for two network cables and controller power
    • Too much space occupied by the device controller
    • Not accessing or changing color profiles relative to 3070
    • The controller hangs a lot when sending files with a large volume and a large number of files
    • Failure to raise and lower the print file

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